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2023 Crested Calls

I know that everyone wants the big huge crests--I do too.  But those are few and far between and we keep a lot of them. 


Please refer to the chart below for information on crested genetics.


I know everyone says crested ducks have neurological issues.  I can honestly say that I have not lost any to what looked like a neurological issue.  I lose more ducklings each year that have no crested gene than I do ones with the crested gene. I have thus far never lost a juvenile or adult crested call.

I never seem to hatch as many crested drakes as I do crested hens. I don't know why that is but typically I hang onto the ones I do hatch.  (even if they are nubs) so that I can move forward.  This year is a rare exception.  So don't let these pairs pass you by as I may not have any next year at all.  The pairs that I am offering should produce larger crests for you next year.

Crest sizes do not always breed true.  Big crested birds don't always produce that and sometimes carriers with no crest at all will bust out with a nice big one! You just never know.

Shipping will begin as weather permits. Temps must be below 80 the entire route to ship. All birds are considered available until payment is received.   I will delete videos as birds are spoken for. 

There is a $10 box fee for shipping in addition to the postage which is calculated by your zip code.  It's running around $60+ unless you live practically next door.  Birds will be held until it's safe to ship.  Message me for shipping quote.

Please message me on the Valley Poultry facebook page


Crested Gray Pair
2022 Gray Drake Purple/Yellow
2023 Gray hen Yellow/Green
Drake has a tiny "nub" of a crest


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