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Call Duck Raffle

Winner will receive a pair of silver call ducks--shipping included!  This raffle is limited to the lower 48 in the US
All spots are considered open until you message me on my facebook page, specify which numbers and send payment.
Shipping will be on the first Monday after the raffle closes-weather providing. Must be less than 80 degrees throughout the trip.
Please message me on the Valley Poultry facebook page


25 spots $10 per spot

Drake Yellow/Blue

Hen 2021 Blue

25 spots $10 per spot
Thank you everyone!
Congratulations D Gentry!!

1. M. Kirby

2. M. Cardwell

3. C. Dye

4. D. Gentry

5. J. Trentadue

6. H. Sherman

7. D. Gentry

8. H. Sherman

9. J. Harris

10. M. Cardwell

11. M. Kirby

12. H. Sherman

13. M. Cardwell

14. M. Kirby

15. J. Trentadue

16. H. Sherman

17. S Haglund-Delongchamp

18. H. Sherman

19. M. Kirby

20. D. Alder

21. C. Dye

22. M. Kirby

23. H. Pridgen

24. H. Sherman

25. J. Trentadue

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