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Spatula discors also known as Blue Winged Teal are a North American native.  They range from Alaska to Texas following a migratory path to winter as far as South America. 

They breed in spring and typically lay between 6-8 eggs
The beauty of this species is carefully hidden until they stretch out their wings and you can see the patch of gorgeous blue.  Very difficult to distinguish from the cinnamon teal-they can hybridize and should not be kept together.  They are first year breeders.

Blue Wing Teal are a protected native species and do require a permit. 

Our teal share an netted aviary with Ring teal, Hottentot Teal, and Lady Amherst pheasants..

We do not sell eggs or ducklings.  Juveniles are available late summer, early fall and cannot be shipped until temps fall below 80

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