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Anas versicolor also known as the Silver Teal is a small dabbling duck from South America. I love them for their blue bills and capped heads.

Silver Teal are ground nesters, and typically will not breed until they are 2 years of age.

They are entertaining and totally water obsessed.  They are always the first ones in the pool when I am cleaning and find endless ways to entertain themselves with the waterfall.

Silver Teal do not require a permit.  Unlike many ducks that molt into a drab eclilpse plumage, the silver teal stays the same color year round. Males and females are marked the same.

Our teal share an netted aviary with ring teal, and Lady Amherst pheasants..

We do not sell eggs or ducklings.  Juveniles are available late summer, early fall and cannot be shipped until temps fall below 80

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