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The Call Duck is a bantam breed of domesticated duck raised primarily for decoration or as pets. Call ducks look similar to some other duck breeds, but are smaller in size. Call ducks were initially used in hunting, where their own calls and quacks would attract wild ducks towards the hunter's guns. This practice has almost entirely been replaced with artificial Duck calls, with Call ducks now being kept primarily as pets.

They are vocal, sassy and adorable.  They come in a huge variety of colors, each one being just as cute as the other.

We currently have snowy, penciled, appleyard, ancona, crested,  grey, and nutmeg pied.

We do not sell ducklings. Juveniles are available starting mid-summer and cannot be shipped until temps fall below 80

pretzel and buddy.jpg

Pencilled Drake



Pen 1.jpg

Pencilled Hens

2 hens.jpg
Broody Call Hens--Turn on Sound

Snowy Pair

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