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Can you create greatness from pet quality?
DISCLAIMER: I am not saying my birds are great by any means!  Just demonstrating what you can do with a little time and dedication.

This is not about crested (that's a whole other discussion) but just about line breeding in general.

We need to start at the very beginning
This is a lovely crested drake that I got from a local friend. He's a big boy, and he's got some amazing width.
Pet quality? I dunno you decide



Here's another pic of him with some appleyard hens from 2022

white drake appleyard hens.jpg

I paired that white drake with some pretty big gray hens that I had and got some nice crested offspring.  He is too big for small girls so luckily I had larger hens.
At that point, I knew I was going to need a nice drake to use on these crested gray hens so I contacted good friend Cindy Rusk with a somewhat unusual request.
Send me a medium to large nice quality drake that can cover these big girls!


f1 pic 1.jpg

She sent me the perfect drake!  Here he is with the F1 hens

f1 pic 2.jpg

The next year I put him with his daughters.

f2 pic 1.jpg
f2 pic 2.jpg
f2 pic 3.jpg

I know what you are thinking...but this is where the magic happens!
These are his granddaughters


f3 pic 3.jpg
f3 pic 4.jpg
f3 pic1.jpg

They aren't all this size, nor do all have little crests--but I can't wait for the next generation!

Appleyards then and now
It's a long story but the birds that I started with were miles from where I am now and definitely not 100% appleyard



Some of my appleyards today

hen2023 1.jpg

I hope that you have enjoyed some photos of my journey and gives you ideas for your own breeding program!

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