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The ringed teal (Callonetta leucophrys) is a small duck of South American forests.  The male and female remain colorful throughout the year, lacking an eclipse plumage.

They prefer a raised nest, and are excellent parents, with the drake participating in duckling guard duty once they hatch.  A bonded pair may produce 2 groups of ducklings in one season.  They will breed their first year.

Ring teal are one of the smaller wild ducks, averaging 14-15 inches.  They are generally hardy but will require shelter in cold months to prevent their feet from freezing.  We have a shelter inside their aviary, and provide an outdoor rated heat mat during winter months.  Our ring teal share a netted aviary with Silver Teal and Lady Amherst pheasants..

They make a unique whistling noise when they fly. I love them for their pink feet, and blue bills.

If you work with them from hatch, they can become quite tame. 

We do not sell ducklings or hatching eggs.  Juvenile pairs are available in fall.

covering babies.jpg

Carson (Ring Teal) with his BFF Piper (Call Duckling)

ducks in a row.jpg

This is Carson. I hand raised him and as you can see, he is quite tame.

Carson perch_Moment.jpg
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