2022 Crested Calls

Working with this gene can be fun and challenging. 
They can be really tricky to hatch. 

I started with just one crested drake and am expanding my crested flock every year.  In just a few short years I now have gray, appleyard, snowy and spot.
I am pushing forward next year to create even more new colors.


All birds are considered available until payment is received.   I will delete videos as birds are spoken for.
There is a $10 box fee for shipping in addition to the postage which is calculated by your zip code.  It's running around $60+ unless you live practically next door.  Birds will be held until it's safe to ship.
Please message me on the Valley Poultry facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ValleyPoultry

In order to create larger crests, many people breed crested to crested.
You just need 1 bird with the gene to expand and create new colors and larger crests.
Don't let the crest size fool you.  Just finding a bird with the known crested gene is difficult.  We just don't hatch that many. You can work on size just as I did with offspring.
This is the first year that I am offering crested birds.
I have several hens from crested breeding without crests available if you want a pair. They are $40 ea


2022 Crested Gray Drake-yellow $40
His crest is really tiny and is just barely visible--but he is definitely crested.

2022 Crested Snowy Drake-green  $40
His crest is small and has a few white feathers visible

2022 Crested Gray Drake Pink  $50
His crest is small and has a few white feathers visible

gray drake pink.jpg