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I do not have any snowflakes or eggs available in 2021

The snowflake is a natural color mutation discovered by Kenny Armstrong of GunRunner Gundogs. In 2004 he hatched 2 mysterious offwhite chicks in a hatch along with his Mexican Speckled bobwhites. He had the insight to keep one naming it Snowflake. In 2005 he hatched 9 more. By 2006 he was able to hatch babies from those original birds and confirmed they were indeed breeding true. By the F5 generation he was convinced he had indeed discovered a new mutation.  The snowflake is an adorable, calm, friendly little quail that can be housed in coveys with other quail. I do not believe that they have ever been released into the wild.

My birds are direct descendants of Kenny's original flock and I am so excited to have them.

I never had any interest in quail until I randomly spotted some at a sale, and all of a sudden I wanted snowflakes!


Check with your state regarding licensing for bobwhite quail. In TN we are required to have a Propagation Permit to legally sell eggs or live birds. In order to legally own them, you need to buy from a breeder that has a propagation permit. I have a state permit to propagate and sell Bobwhite Quail.

I have fond memories of being a child visiting my Grandparents. We would sit outside and whistle "bob-bob white!" and they would whistle back.

Bobwhites are easy to raise and a lot of fun to hatch.  The chicks are the size of marbles, very zippy and friendly, jumping into my hand when I reach into the brooder.  Unlike many breeds of quail, snowflakes do not mature and start to lay eggs until they are approx 5 months old.

We house our bobwhites in a specially built raised pen and also have some on the ground inside our netted aviary.  We sell hatching eggs, pairs and trios (for local pickup only).  We will not ship chicks or adult birds. 

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Bobwhites Calling (Turn on Sound)
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