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                                  Shipping is available for an extra charge. 


In order for me to give you a quote, you must contact me with your zip code.  I only ship to the lower 48 and do not ship to Puerto Rico.  I will require your name, address and phone number.  The post office will call you when the birds arrive, they do not deliver live animals to your house.

I will send you a tracking number and let you know when I have dropped them off at the post office.

Birds are shipped via USPS Express Mail with a new, size appropriate box.

It typically takes 1-2 days for them to arrive.  I generally ship on Mondays and take them to the post office in the early afternoon to minimize the time they are inside the box.

Shipping is temperature dependent.  I will not ship ducks if the temperature is going to exceed 70 anywhere along the route.

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