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2022 Silky Ducks Available

Silky ducks were developed by Dave Holderead.   He no longer owns or breeds them and they have become very difficult to find.

They have the same spontaneous feather mutation as silky chickens which makes them fluffy especially on their underbellies.  They are call duck sized, winter hardy, and waterproof just like their smooth feathered counterparts.
They can be really tricky to hatch. 

I have found my best results come from breeding smooth (split to silky) and silkied together.  Following the advice of Holderread, this seems to result in a much better hatch rate than silkied + silkied.  I strongly encourage you to take this approach and am offering some splits to speed you along.
You can create your own splits by breeding silky to non silky and the offspring will be split.  I have used call ducks in a 2 year breeding program to create new lines.  Breed those back to the parent that was silkied and then you have a new line. This is what I have done to create the butterscotch and blue butterscotch colors.


All birds are considered available until payment is received.   I will delete videos as birds are spoken for.
There is a $10 box fee for shipping in addition to the postage which is calculated by your zip code.  It's running around $60+ unless you live practically next door.  Birds will be held until it's safe to ship.
Please message me on the Valley Poultry facebook page

I am including this breeding chart to show you what you can do with these 3 colors

2022 Silky Butterscotch Drake (not as fluffy) purple $60

Pair $120  Smooth hen + silkied drak

Smooth (Split to silky) Appleyard breeder hen Green (Still laying)

Breeder Silky Appleyard Drake

Drakes $60 ea

2022 Smooth Appleyard (split to silky) drake pink

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