The Midget White, with its broad breast, has the appearance of a miniature of the commercial Broad Breasted White turkey. This quality provides the variety with good meat production and makes the Midget White a fine table fowl. The variety was developed from a cross of a commercial Broad Breasted White turkey and an exhibition Royal Palm. Midget White toms average 13 lbs., hens average 8 lbs.   We have not processed any of our birds, so I cannot give you an exact weight of my flock.


The midget white is a heritage breed and will reproduce naturally. Midges are friendly, curious, and follow us around the yard like puppies.  Folks always say turkeys are not that intelligent and I disagree.  They have the mindset of puppies and live RIGHT THERE in that moment. My birds free-range during the day, and go into their own coop at night-sometimes voluntarily, sometimes we "herd" them.  Very friendly and curious,  they follow us around and have been known to sit on visitor's feet while we are in the yard.  Not at all agressive with humans, I would recommend them for supervised visits with children.

Midges can fly and the hens are pretty good at it as juveniles.  Once they reach adulthood, they tend to stick to the ground.  You may need to clip one wing to keep them confined to a fenced yard.  Our yard has been extended to 6' and it keeps them inside without trimming. 

We sell hatching eggs, poults, and on occasion pairs.  There is a minimum of 6 poults to ship and can only be done weather permitting.

5 week old Juveniles being cute